The Path to Meaningful Work
Lesson A: Start Your Learning Journal

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We recommend that you keep a daily record of notes on what you are learning as you proceed through The Path to Meaningful Work. Issues that arise, challenges you encounter, resources you discover, breakthroughs small and large all go into your learning journal. You might even want to start a glossary of important words and concepts related to the lessons themselves and to possible work opportunities. This will make it easier for you to review your progress and locate key information later on. The Path to Meaningful Work is a learning experience. A learning journal will help you make the most of it.

If you decide to keep a handwritten learning journal (as opposed to an electronic one) we recommend using an inexpensive notebook. Fancy notebooks with cloth or leather covers tend to feel too "precious" and may end up gathering dust. You will want your learning journal to feel like a work in progress, probably a little messy but full and rich, not unlike your life.

Here is a sample format you may want to follow in keeping your Learning Journal:

Today's Date:

How I Feel Right Now:

New Resources:

Thought for the Day:

Word of the Day:

Interesting People:

Today's Biggest Challenge:

Today's Biggest Reward:

What I Learned Today: 

Your assignment: Find a suitable notebook or create a file on your computer. Make at least one short entry every day this week, based on what you learn in the other lessons and exercises in this free introductory course.

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