The Path to Meaningful Work

A path is something that can be followed.
It takes you somewhere.

Gary Snyder, The Practice of the Wild

A Personal Note From
Claude Whitmyer and Gail Terry Grimes
Creators Of
The Path to Meaningful Work

Long ago, most people traveled by foot along well-worn paths that connected the places in life that were most important: from the shelter to the well or the marketplace or the next village. Many people traveled at least once in a lifetime to some special place of spirit or worship, or perhaps simply up a mountain to seek the advice of an elder.

In time, this real-life experience became a metaphor for our "journey" through life. Many teachers began describing the unfolding of a learner's self-discovery and self-growth process as a "path," each teacher describing the path in his or her own unique way in an effort to guide the learner.

The Path to Meaningful Work home study program is based on work we have done with more than a thousand individuals in the past ten years. We offer it as a road map for your own path to meaningful work. We offer ourselves, not so much as teachers but as scouts who have come back to the village to report to you what we found on our journey away.

We hope the signposts contained throughout this home-study program help you to see the relationship between mindfulness and meaningful work and that they make it easier to overcome obstacles and find your way in your own quest.

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