Good Business

Why "Good"?

“Good” is a perfect word to indicate the layers of meaning that exist with the idea of a “Good Business.”

A Good Business does good for:

  • the people who work there
  • the community where its located
  • the physical environment
  • the culture it’s a part of

A Good Business includes the classical meaning of the phrase “good works” which refers to a social benefit.

A Good Business is also a source of such good works as:

  • Philanthropy
  • Community sponsorships
  • Buying and hiring local
    • Keeping economic transactions local so the money recycles within the community
  • Taking care of employees
    • in a better way than businesses who claim “it’s not personal, it’s just business”
      • (Because everything is personal!)

A Good Business is a business you create to help fulfill your personal purpose. 

Doing well by doing good, serving your community, providing the best products and services—what people really want and need.

Purpose, Values, and Awareness

To fulfill your true purpose you consciously:

Clarify your personal values . . .

  • To help you make your business . . .

  • True to who you are!

This renewed awareness of what you value most . . .

  • Will also help you be more aware of . . .

  • The impact of your business . . .

  • On your family, your community, the environment and society in general.

Understanding your impacts will help you identify additional ways to serve through your business.

Clarifying your values, becoming more self-aware, pursuing your personal purpose all require that you also . . .

  • Question your assumptions about management style and then make sure . . .

  • Your management style is true to your purpose and . . .

  • Aligned with your values (newly clarified).

“Doing well by doing good” will naturally arise as you . . .

  • Become more self-aware

  • Master business as service

A “good business” authentically reflects your concerns for your employees and clientele, your community, and the natural environment as well as your hopes for a just and safe society.

Claude Whitmyer

— When your business does good by your kin, you’ll hear people say:

That’s a good business for his family.

— When your business does good by your employees, you’ll hear them say:

This is a good business to work for.

— When your business does good by its community, you’ll hear people say:

That’s a good business to work with.

— When your business succeeds economically you’ll hear people say:

That’s a good business to make money with.

— When your business does all of these, you’ll hear people say:

That’s a good business to be in.

The clink of beverage glasses celebrating friendship and mutual caring.