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Below are links to six annotated lists of books that cover what I consider to be the six primary areas of focus when it comes to using mindfulness to find meaningful work.

Each book in these lists has passed the test of time and many foresaw the troubles of today 10, 20, or 30 years ago. The problems have increased in seriousness, but the tried and true solutions are as applicable today as they were at any time in the past, if not more so.

Many of the volumes listed here are technically out of print but are steady sellers known in the book trade as “backlisted” books. Most local bookstores can order them for you, often still in “new” condition. Or you can visit Amazon.com, Bookfinders.Com, or eBay to locate used copies. 

Check them out for yourself. We think you’ll be glad you did.

For reviews of more recently published works on these topics, check our blog.

What are you reading?

What books or recordings have inspired you in your search for meaningful work and a better life? Please let us know by leaving a message. Please give us the title, author(s), publisher, publication date, and a brief review. If we publish your review, we’ll add the suggested book to our list and post what you said, giving you full credit. So be sure to include your name (and your email if you want to be notified).

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