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About Good Work Guidance
About Claude Whitmyer

About Good Work Guidance

“Claude Whitmyer is an invaluable consultant who harmonizes matters of the marketplace with those of the spirit. Without him, I still wouldn’t know that ‘right livelihood’ is a practical reality, not just a philosophical ideal.”
Maureen Redl
Maureen Redl
Sausalito, California
"Claude is a seer of extraordinary sagacity. He has helped me and many others to develop a clearer view of self and one's potential and uniqueness."
Whitney Vosburgh
Whitney Vosburgh, MA, Oakland
Artist, Branding Consultant, Whitney and Company
Author, WTF! (Work the Future!))
"It felt good to talk about the issues I'm facing and to be understood. I appreciate the concrete suggestions and look forward to another session."
Placeholder - Yin
Kat Gootee, San Francsico
Market Researcher
"I learned a lot from our session. You answered questions I'd had for years. It was good to have someone so knowledgeable to work with."
Zach Stewart, Cannessa Park Architiects
Zack Stewart, San Francisco
Canessa Park Architects
"Thanks for the session on Friday. It has turned my outlook around completely! I'm very excited! I'll tell you more when we meet next week."
Charlie Varon
Charlie Varon, San Francisco
Performance Artist, Teacher, Producer, Director
Co-author: Heart Politics
"Your visit yesterday was a real shot in the arm. I am busy beginning to follow up on your suggestions and reflecting on your very perceptive and useful comments."
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Helen Miller, San Francisco
Art Gallery Owner
"Thank you for your good energy and help. I enjoyed it very much and appreciate your good ideas and commitment."
Dyanne Ladine, East Palo Alto
Community Organizer
"What I get from your workshops is a chance to assimilate what right livelihood means. You were always guiding, but you were also thinking, wondering, listening, observing -- and applying what you were getting from the businesses we visited."
Deanna Marquart
Deanna Marquart, Sacramento
Legislative Analyst

About Claude Whitmyer

"Claude is a deep water community builder and networker. He was in on the ground floor of the PC revolution in the '80s and has learned his way up with it, inventing and evolving many useful solutions. He has tirelessly supported right livelihood approaches to business, and other sensible strategies for the new century"
David Sibbet writing on the wall
David Sibbet, Developer of "Group Graphics"
Founder: The Grove, Author: Visual Meetings
Co-Developer: "Team Performance Model"
"The work you've been doing all these years has been an incredible contribution to our common work in building community and introducing participatory ways of becoming wiser together. "
Juanita Brown
Juanita Brown, Co-Creator: "World Cafe"
Co-author: The World Cafe: Shaping Our Futures Through Conversations that Matter
"Claude Whitmyer is one of the most thorough, versatile, and effective consultants I know. The breadth of his business knowledge and his demonstrated commitment to integrity and social responsibility make him a uniquely gifted business advisor and management consultant. Through FutureU and Noren, Claude truly makes a high-value contribution to each project he undertakes."
Christian Forthomme
Christian Forthomme, MA
Founder, ReachChange Network
"[Claude] is a creative thinker and revolutionary educator, combining technological sophistication with highly developed people skills. A pleasure to work with, reliable, thorough, and innovative."
Lisa Faithorn
Lisa Faithorn, Ph.D., Cultural Anthropologist
"Claude is a thorough teacher and a knowledgeable mentor. Under Claude's tutelage and supervision, I experienced dramatic growth, both professionally and personally."
Roberto Aponte
Roberto Aponte, MAB
Founder, Visionary Events
"Claude is a creative, forward thinker with excellent leadership qualities and organizational skills. I’ve known and respected him for many years."
Irene Kane
Irene Kane, Celebrant, Officiant, Wedding Minister
Ceremonies & Celebrations
"I wanted to thank you for last night at the Eric Berne Seminar. I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to say hello in person and shake your hand and press the flesh. I really enjoyed your talk and I found it and your presence to be inspiring. It's still with me this morning. So thanks again."
Placeholder yang
Robert Rovin, Massage Therapist
Rosen Method

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