People of Every Color, Creed, Gender, or Background

Why share this list? Well, of course, to establish my bona fides. Beyond that, I’d also like to give you something more to relate to—a sense that maybe I can better understand your challenges because I’ve been there before with someone else like you. That doesn’t mean I use turn-key solutions, though. Every engagement is tailored to the situation you find yourself facing at this moment. Want to know more?

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Okay. Here’s the list of some of the business types I’ve personally worked with through my individual and group services.

Academics, Accountants,  Actors, Acupuncturists, Aestheticians, Animal Trainers, Architects, Archivists, Artisans, Artists, Astrologers, Attorneys, Authors, Bankers, Beauticians, Bodyworkers, Beekeepers, Bookkeepers, Book Designers, Book Illustrators, Book Publishers, Booksellers, Cabinet Makers, Carpenters, Cartoonists, Chemists, Childcare Workers, Chiropractors, Church Leaders, Circuses, Clothing Manufacturers, COACHES, College Administrators, Colleges Faculty, Comedians, CONSULTANTS, Court Interpreters, Dancers, Database Administrators, Designers, Disc Jockeys, Doctors, Economists, Educators, Editors, Electricians, Engineers, Farmers, Financial Planners, Floor Finishers, Food Collectives, Food Distributors, Framers, Garden Supply Stores,

Silhouettes of many different kinds of people.
Good Work Guidance™ is for people of every color, creed, gender, or background.

Gardeners, Graphic Designers, Grocery Stores, Hardware Stores, Health Professionals, Healthcare Workers, Herbalists, Historians, House Painters, Illustrators, Independent Scholars, Japanese Arts Schools, Landscape Architects, Lawyers, Librarians, Magazine Publishers, Mail-Order Houses, MANUFACTURERS, Market Researchers, Martial Arts Instructors, Massage Schools, Massage Therapists, Mediators, Moving Companies, Musicians, Naturopathic Doctors, Newspaper Editors, Newspapers, Non-Profit Directors, Non-Profits, Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, Painters, Paralegals, Performers, Playwrights, Plumbers, Photographers, Physicians, Printers, Private Investigators, Private Schools, Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Psychotherapists, Rag Merchants, Real Estate Agents, Reporters, Restaurateurs, Restaurants, RETAILERS, Retreat Centers, Rug Merchants, Scientists, Secretaries, Social Workers, Soil Scientists, Solar Companies, Spas, Statisticians, Stock Brokers, Street Performers, Summer Camps, Survival Schools, Tap Dancers, Teachers, Toy Makers, Toy Stores, Tutors, Universities, University Administrators, Urban Planners, Veterinarians, Water Colorists, Weavers, Web Authors, Web Designers, Web Developers, Web Marketing Consultants, Webmasters, Wholesale Plant Growers, WHOLESALERS, Wholistic Doctors, Wilderness Camps, Writers . . .

Have you really worked with that many businesses?

I sometimes get asked if I really have worked with all the types of clientele I list above. Why, yes. Yes, I have. I’ve been doing this work for more than 40 years. As time goes by, things do add up.

Of course, in some cases, I include synonyms for a single client type. For example, “artisan” could apply to a potter, a baker, or a cabinet maker and “healthcare worker” certainly overlaps with “health professional.” I justify using the synonyms because not everyone identifies with every label that might apply to the livelihood they have or seek to have.

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Do you have experience working with people
from larger organizations?

As the above list shows, I’ve consulted with the full gamut of small business clients, from aspiring entrepreneurs and startups to experienced business owners scaling their businesses or preparing to pass-on or close them.

You can see examples by visiting this page of Selected Good Business Clients.

I’ve also done executive and career coaching with corporate managers and executives from large organizations, such as those listed below, to name a few:

  • Apple
  • Bank of America
  • Esprit
  • Fujitsu America
  • Hewlett Packard
  • Hitachi
  • Levi Strauss
  • Pacific Bell
  • Pacific Gas &Electric
  • Prudential
  • Southland Corporation
  • The University of California
  • Wells Fargo Bank
  • Zenger Miller

I’ve continued to get sterling reviews such as these:

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