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This page contains a representative list of clients I’ve served from eight major sectors and twenty sub-sectors. Click on the numbered links to jump to a section.

  1. Retail
    • Retail merchandise stores
    • Retail food stores (with a focus on collectives/coops)
    • Mail Order
  2. Travel and Hospitality
    • Hotels, Spas, Restaurants, Caterers
    • Adventure, Leisure, Entertainment & Fun 
  3. Wholesale/Distribution (including food, timber/lumber, custom weaving, software distribution, and appropriate technology/alternative energy)
    • Transport
    • Storage
    • Outsourced Shipping and Receiving
  4. Manufacturing
    • Commodities (clothing, cosmetics, food) 
    • Publishing
  5. Services
    • Architecture & Landscaping
    • Consulting firms
    • Clinical Psychology & Psychotherapy
  6. Advocacy Non-Profits
  7. Education
    • Professional Education & Training
    • Massage Schools
    • Higher Ed
      • Colleges & Universities
  8. Government
    • Regional, county, federal


  • Frame of Mind, small chain of art and photo framing stores, San Francisco
"We have learned an incredible amount about personnel benefits, what it takes to create a business, how banks function, what our limitations are, and how we thrive on being challenged. We greatly appreciate your support and willingness to help during our gestation period. Thanks for everything."
Placeholder - Yin
Nina Weisbord
Frame of Mind, small chain of framing stores, San Francisco, California
  • Gaia Bookstore and community center, Berkeley, California
  • Good Vibrations, sex-positive retail store, San Francisco
  • Living Lightly, urban “Whole Earth” type truck store, San Francisco
Living Lightly-Kitchen & Garden Supplies, Kerosene Heaters, Books, Nomadic Furniture, Quilts
Living LIghtly-Kitchen & Garden Supplies, Kerosene Heaters, Books, Nomadic Furniture, Quilts
Living Lightly-Kerosene Heaters, Books, Nomadic Furniture, Kerosene Lamps, Posters, Baskets, Office
Living LIghtly-Kerosene Heaters, Books, Nomadic Furniture, Kerosene Lamps, Posters, Baskets

Retail Food Stores (collectives)

  • Bolinas Peoples Store,  Bolinas, California
  • Other Avenues Food Collective, San Francisco
  • Noe Valley Community Store, San Francisco
  • Rainbow General Store, San Francisco


  • Artventure, natural fiber clothing catalog, Berkeley
"You took the time to understand the business before contributing your clear and effective advice. Your ideas were really helpful and you pin-pointed the key problems with our company. Thank you for all your help over the last two years."
Tom Asher
Tom Asher
Art Venture, clothing manufacturer, Tiburon, California
  • Brush Dance, recycled paper greeting card catalog, Sausalito, California
  • California Kids History Catalog, history books for kids, San Francisco
  • Good Vibrations, a sex-positive sex-toy catalog & retail store, San Francisco & Berkeley

Client “Good Vibrations,” a sex-positive retail sex toy store.
Client Good Vibrations, a sex-positive retail sex toy store.

Travel and Hospitality

Hotels, Spas, Restaurants, & Caterers

Sunrise Springs Inn and Spa
Sunrise Springs Inn, Restaurant, and Spa
  • Sunrise Springs; hotel, spa, and restaurant; Santa Fe, New Mexico
  • Creative Catering, San Francisco
  • Just for You Cafe, San Francisco
  • Mudd’s, restaurant, San Ramon, California
  • Taste of Joy, restaurant, Oakland, California

Adventure, Leisure, Entertainment & Fun

  • Mariah Wilderness Expeditions, (Donna Hunter) Sausalito, California
Mariah Wilderness Expeditions
Mariah Wilderness Expeditions
  • Pickle Family Circus, San Francisco
Client “Pickle Family Circus,” an animal-free, family-friendly circus.
The Pickle Family Circus
  • Sea Trek, ocean kayaking, Sausalito
Sea Trek Ocean Kayaking logo
Taste of Joy Restaurant
Taste of Joy Restaurant

Wholesale & Distribution

  • Alfalfa-Omega, food products, CornCheaps, Oakland
  • EcoTimber, sustainably harvested & reclaimed wood, San Rafael
Ecotimber: Sustainably harvested forest woods
Ecotimber: Sustainably harvested forest woods
  • Off the Loom, custom Oaxacan tapestries, San Francisco & Oaxaca, Mexico
  • Softyme, networked in-store software kiosks, San Francisco
Client Softyme, an early high-tech start-up attempting online distribution of software and documentation.
Softyme (high-tech startup- I'm the guy to the right of the chartpad easel).

Storage, Transport, Shipping, & Receiving

  • E.V. Warehousing; shipping & receiving logistics, outsourced fulfillment; San Leandro, California
  • Special Services; wholesale distribution of energy-efficient woodstoves and other environmentally friendly products; San Rafael, California.


  • Artventure, natural fiber clothing, Berkeley
"You took the time to understand the business before contributing your clear and effective advice. Your ideas were really helpful and you pin-pointed the key problems with our company. Thank you for all your help over the last two years."
Tom Asher
Tom Asher
Art Venture, clothing manufacturer, Tiburon, California
  • J.N McMartin, Harmony Products, Clear Creek brand, natural toiletries and cosmetics, Santa Rosa, California

Tools of the Trade: perfumes. bottle filler funnel, assembly-line belt
Tools of the Trade: Perfumes & Essential Oils, Bottle Filler with Hopper, Assembly-line Belt. (Harmony Products)
Tools of the Trade: Hobart Mixer
Tools of the Trade: Hobart Mixer. (Harmony Products)
  • Wildwood, tofu, seitan, natural foods, Fairfax, California


  • Been There, photo maps, San Francisco
  • Babylon Burning, silk screen printing, San Francisco
  • Crafts Faire Guide, advertiser style newspaper, San Francisco
  • Down There Press, sex-positive book publisher, San Francisco


  • Aunt Ann’s Agency, temp agency, San Francisco
  • Paradox Enterprises, online medical database, Glen Ellen, California
  • Damn Good Resume Service, Oakland, California
  • Sunflower Compositaers, word processing, San Francisco
  • Wells & Vincent, CPAs, Berkeley, California

Architecture & Landscaping

  • Canessa Park Architects, San Francisco

"I learned a lot from our session. You answered questions I'd had for years. It was good to have someone so knowledgeable to work with."

Zach Stewart, Cannessa Park Architiects
Zack Stewart
Canessa Park Architects, San Francisco
  • Page & Turnbull, architects, San Francisco
  • The Russell Group, architects, San Francisco
  • Barbara Blake, landscape contractor, San Francisco
  • Joan Dekelboum, landscape architect, San Francisco
  • Michael Painter Associates, landscape architects, San Francisco

Consulting Firms

  • Growth Management Institute, leadership and organizational change, Donner, California
  • Hummingbird Associates, dental practice mgt, Bainbridge Island, Washington
  • Matt Taylor Associates, organizational development, Boulder, Colorado

"We were quite glad you changed your plans so that you could be with us. Not only did you contribute to [our client's] thinking, you contributed to ours, too! We look forward to working with you on other projects."

Matt Taylor 3Cat Model
Matt Taylor
Founder, Matt Taylor Associates
  • Paradox Enterprises, market research, Glen Ellen, California
  • RealChange Network, leadership and organizational change, Santa Cruz, California

"Claude Whitmyer is one of the most thorough, versatile and effective consultants I know. The breadth of his business knowledge and his demonstrated commitment to integrity and social responsibility make him a uniquely gifted business advisor and management consultant. Claude truly makes a high value contribution to each project he undertakes."

Christian Forthomme, MBA
Christian Forthomme, MBA
Founder, RealChange Network
  • Sibbet Associates, group graphics and meeting facilitation, San Francisco

"Claude is a deep water community builder and networker. He was in on the ground floor of the PC revolution in the '80s and has learned his way up with it, inventing and evolving many useful solutions. He has tirelessly supported right livelihood approaches to business, and other sensible strategies for the new century."

David Sibbet
David Sibbet
Founder, The Grove

Clinical Psychology & Psychotherapy

  • Clement Street Counseling Center, San Francisco

"Claude, thank you. I don't think I would have had the guts to move forward without you. I think you're a wonderful consultant and I look forward to seeing you at our next meeting. Thank you for doing the work that you do."

Placeholder - Yin
Yvonne Jaffe
Clement Street Counseling, San Francisco
  • Marina Counseling Center, San Francisco
  • Don Propstra, psychotherapy practice, San Francisco

"The consultations I did with you were definitely an important factor in the rapid gains in my business. I have taken your suggestions and support to heart and they have greatly strengthened me and my work."

Don Propstra
Don Propstra
Therapist, San Francisco
  • Malka Gorman, psychotherapy practice, San Francisco
  • Maureen Redl, psychotherapy practice, Greenbrae, California

Advocacy Non-Profits

  • Big Apple Green, virtual community for the green businesses of New York City, sponsored by Consortium for Worker Education, New York City
  • Crow Canyon Institute, Market Garden and Environmental Education Center, San Ramon, California
  • Institute for the Human Environment, Norman Gilroy, Sausalito
  • Jewish Family Children’s Services, social services agency, San Francisco

"Thank you for your excellent job as facilitator of our board retreat. Attendees agreed that the retreat was quite successful, thanks in part to your skills, warmth and, of course, good humor."

Jewish Family & Children's Services
social services agency, San Francisco
  • Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center, women and minorities in business, San Francisco
  • Save Our Shores, shoreline property owners, Southern Maine
  • White-Robed Monks of Saint Benedict, church and monastery, San Rafael, California


Professional Education & Training Companies

  • American Hospital Association, Health Forum Fellowship Leadership Program, San Francisco and Chicago
"Many thanks for sharing your knowledge about the value of online communication with this year’s Fellowship class. With your inspiration, these Fellows will no doubt continue to strengthen the online community they have begun to build."
Health Forum Summit
The Fellowship Staff, Chicago
Health Forum Fellowship,
American Hospital Association
  • KaosPilots University, management training, Aarhus, Denmark 
  • Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center, business training for women and minorities, incubator consulting, San Francisco
  • Thousand Islands Institute, owner-builder center, Picton, Ontario, Canada
  • University of Phoenix (online campus), continuing professional education, San Francisco

Massage Schools

  • Amma Institute, Japanese massage, San Francisco
  • McKinnon School of Massage, Oakland, California
  • New Age School of Massage, Sebastopol, California

Higher Ed

  • Yosemite Community College District
    • Columbia College of California, Sonora, California
Workshop on Adobe Premiere
Adobe Premiere Workshop, Columbia College of California
"Thanks for the good work on the Adobe Premiere workshop.”
Gene Womble
Columbia College of California
"Ditto on the Adobe Premiere seminar. This was a great workshop. You are model facilitators.”
Sylvia Watterson
Columbia College of California
Workshop on Building Online Courses
Workshop on Building Online Courses, Columbia College of California
  • Yosemite Community College District
    • Modesto Junior College, Modesto, California
Workshop on Video Conferencing
Video Conferencing Workshop, Modesto Junior College
Video conferencing workshop at Modesto Junior College
Video Conferencing Workshop, Modesto Junior College
"[You] definitely met my expectations for a technology workshop. You were current with your information, well- prepared, and excellent facilitators. Thank you for your top-notch training sessions.”
Sylvia Watterson
Columbia College of California
  • Mendocino College, Ukiah, California
  • Merced Community College, California
  • Dominican University of California, San Rafael
"Thanks so much for a very productive training "suite" of programs!! I couldn't be happier with the outcomes. I look forward to working with you to develop an even more effective training strategy for next year."
Terry Ratcliff
Terry Ratcliff, Ed.D., Executive Director
Center for Adult and Extended Education
Dominican University of California
Workshop on Teaching Online, Dominican University of California

"It has been marvelous to work with you. Thank you for your mentorship and guidance . . . I am impressed with the professional and kind service I have received."

Denise Lucy, Ph.D.
Denise Lucy, Ed.D.
Dominican University of California
  • Holy Names University, Oakland, California
  • Missouri State University, Springfield
"Thanks for the valuable workshop. Once I manage to get everything arranged for my course and meet all of next week's deadlines, I plan to direct a letter (to the President, Vice President for Academic Affairs, and your sponsor, the Dean of Arts and Sciences) regarding the value of our recent training.
      "I have attended many workshops, but none has served me as well as this one. I'm most appreciative of everyone's work in organizing and delivering this event. I hope you enjoyed teaching us as much as we enjoyed learning from you."
Betty Polus
Betty L. Bitner, Professor
Missouri State University, Springfield
Missouri State University
Missouri State University
  • New College of California, San Francisco
  • California Institute of Integral Studies, San Francisco
  • Saybrook Graduate School, San Francisco
  • King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Claude tutoring KAU
CW with client at at King Abdulaziz University
  • Thompson Rivers University, Kamloops, BC, Canada
  • Universidad Interamericana de Puerto Rico, Recinto de Arecibo
"In all my 15 years here, we've never had this much interest in a faculty development workshop."
Ricardo Diez, Ph.D.,
Ricardo Diez, Ph.D.
Title V Project Director, Interamerican University
UIPR faculty participants
Participants in Teaching Online Program at Interamerican University

"The program that you provided our 160+ online faculty members and several staff was immediately relevant to the context of teaching and learning at Thompson Rivers University. You clearly took the time needed to understand our needs and to tailor the training program to those needs. We received many comments from our faculty attesting to the time and effort you put into this endeavour.

"It seemed many times that you went over and above what was expected of you in regards to the amount of time that you spent answering questions and troubleshooting problems."

Dr. Valerie Peachey,
Dr. Valerie Peachey, Director Program Delivery
Open Learning Division, Thompson Rivers University


  • Alameda County Housing Authority, Hayward, California
  • Experience Unlimited, East Bay Employment Development Department Oakland
"More people thanked me for bringing you in than they have for anyone else I've brought in so far. And no one was critical. I think you really said some stuff that people wanted to hear. So I thank you again."
Placeholder - Yin
Madeline Caruthers, Program Committee Chair
Experience Unlimited
"The executive council has reviewed the videotaping of your presentation today. Everyone was more than satisfied. Again I want to say thank you for a job well done. I'm sure this presentation will help many of our members zero in on that right job or that career. Once again, Mr. Whitmyer, I appreciate your generosity in coming and sharing your valuable time with us. I do not take it for granted. Thank you very much."
Placeholder yang
Herman Leopold, EDD Coordinator
East Bay Employment Development Department
  • NASA Astrobiology Institute, NASA Ames, Menlo Park, California
"[Claude] is a creative thinker and revolutionary educator, combining technological sophistication with highly developed people skills. A pleasure to work with, reliable, thorough and innovative."
Lisa Faithorn, Ph.D.
Lisa Faithorn, Ph.D.
Cultural Anthropologist, NASA Ames