Good Work Guidance™ Clients

Since 1984 I have been guide to more than 500 individual clients who wanted to pursue The Path to Meaningful Work but preferred employment over entrepreneurship.

These “Good Work” clients have sought more meaningful work and workplaces involving a wide range of occupations including, for example,

  • artists, musicians, and writers
  • technicians, teachers, and university professors
  • store clerks, shoe sellers, and cab drivers
  • farm workers, gardeners, and landscapers
  • fast-food workers, line workers, and service workers
  • marketers, salespeople, and operations staff
  • administrators, executives, and managers
  • many others who work for wages

They have included employees from all different sizes of business from start-ups to larger, more established enterprises and from those with less than 10 employees up to large corporate juggernauts such as Apple Computer, Bank of America, Hewlett Packard, Levi Strauss, Prudential, Wells Fargo Bank, and the University of California to name a few.

Check out some samples of what they say about working with me, right here:

What Good Work Guidance™ Clients Say

"Claude Whitmyer is an invaluable consultant who harmonizes matters of the marketplace with those of the spirit. Without him, I still wouldn't know that 'right livelihood' is a practical reality, not just a philosophical ideal."

Maureen Redl

Claude is a seer of extraordinary sagacity. He has helped me and many others to develop a clearer view of self and one's potential and uniqueness. He is also a pleasure to work with.

Whitney Vosburgh
Whitney Vosburgh
Artist and Brand Consultant
Whitney and Company

It felt good to talk about the issues I'm facing and to be understood. I appreciate the concrete suggestions and look forward to another session.

Silouette of sitting meditator.
Kat Gootee
Market Researcher

"Claude is a thorough teacher and a knowledgeable mentor. Under Claude's tutelage, I experienced dramatic growth, both as a professional and as an individual."

Roberto Aponte
Roberto Aponte, MAB
Meeting Planner, Event Producer

"It was with great interest that I discovered the Web site for the Center for Good Work and the course syllabus for the online course 'The Path to Meaningful Work.' I picked up Claude Whitmyer's book Mindfulness and Meaningful Work several years ago and remain committed to pursuing right livelihood in my own life. I'd appreciate being put on any distribution lists for news about the Center's work or upcoming events."

"The program outline for the 'Path to Meaningful Work' looks very interesting and I would like to receive the free introductory lesson entitled 'What is Meaningful Work?'"

"Thanks! I look forward to purchasing the other lessons as they become available."

Silouette of sitting meditator.
Pamela Bruns
Raleigh, NC