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David Sibbet

"Claude is a deep water community builder and networker. He was in on the ground floor of the PC revolution in the '80s and has learned his way up with it, inventing and evolving many useful solutions. He has tirelessly supported right livelihood approaches to business, and other sensible strategies for the new century."

David Sibbet

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Noren Learning Expeditions
Christian Forthomme, MBA

"Claude Whitmyer is one of the most thorough, versatile and effective consultants I know. The breadth of his business knowledge and his demonstrated commitment to integrity and social responsibility make him a uniquely gifted business advisor and management consultant. Through FutureU and Noren, Claude truly makes a high value contribution to each project he undertakes. "

Christian Forthomme, MBA

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Whitney Vosburgh

"Claude is a seer of extraordinary sagacity. He has helped me and many others into developing a clearer view of self and one's potential and uniqueness. He is also a pleasure working with in developing organizational capacity for excellence."

Whitney Vosburgh

Artist and Brand Consultant
Whitney and Company

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Lisa Faithorn, Ph.D.

"Claude is a creative thinker and revolutionary educator, combining technological sophistication with highly developed people skills. A pleasure to work with, reliable, thorough and innovative."

Lisa Faithorn, Ph.D.

Cultural Anthropologist

One of My Businesses

Living Lightly in the City
A retail store based on the Whole-Earth Catalog, selling alternative energy, appropriate technology, and self-reliance in the city.

My personal website includes a detailed biographical record of my work life (probably more than you’d ever want to know).

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For your convenience, while you’re here, I’ll expand a little on what I said in “The Short of It” on the “About Claude Whitmyer” page.

Small Business Owner (more than 40 years)

  • Manufacturing
    • Glycerin soap and “natural” cosmetics
      • (hand cream, suntan lotion, shampoo, hair rinse, beard groom, mustache wax, liquid soap, etc.)
  • Distribution
    • Energy-efficient and alternative energy products
      • (radiant heat panels, air-tight wood stoves, solar hot water and an extensive selection of energy saving appliances and durable kitchenware.)
  • Retailing
    • Books, tools, and appliances selected from Whole Earth Catalog reviews.
    • Urban-oriented (living in the city)
      • (alternative energy/appropriate technology, organic gardening and drip irrigation; 6,000 title book department, nomadic furniture, and other self-reliance in the city products.)
  • Consulting
    • Computerization of small business
    • General management and operations
    • Right livelihood businesses
  • Private business school
    • Teaching right livelihood strategies for businesses and non-profits.
  • Vocational guidance practice
    • Coaching about right livelihood.
  • Consulting
    • Teaching and Learning Online
    • Online meetings, virtual teams, and Web-based marketing and communications.
    • Using the Internet as The Great Equalizer for small and really small projects, initiatives, or businesses.

Business Consultant (more than 30 years), specializing in:

  • Planning and Strategic Thinking
  • Growth management
  • Marketing and market research
  • Organizational culture change
  • Partnership mediation
  • Personnel retention and career (right livelihood) guidance
  • Values-based (right livelihood) management practices
  • Virtual communications and learning
  • Internet Technology In Business or Education

Business Educator (more than 30 years):

Graduate, postgraduate, private education programs, and professional organizations for which I have acted as administrator, advisor, instructor, or guest lecturer:

  • ACCORD Organizational Development Network
  • Health Forum Fellowship Programs, American Hospital Association
  • Bay Area Organizational Development Network
  • Center for Business and Democracy, Goddard College
  • Center for Good Work, University of the Future, LLC
  • Center for Professional Education, University of Phoenix Online
  • Center for the Future of Organizations,
    California School of Professional Psychology
  • Environmental Education Department, Prescott College
  • Heald Business College
  • Human Services Administration, Notre Dame de Namur University,
  • Institute for Creation Spirituality, Holy Names College
  • Institute Fortagsütveckling
  • Kaos Pilots University
  • Kürsbyn Körpberget
  • Learning Resource Center, New College of California
  • Marketing Department, Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley
  • Master of Arts in Business, California Institute of Integral Studies
  • Master of Business Administration, Holy Names College
  • Master of Business Administration, University of Bristol
  • Master of International Business, Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées
  • McKinnon School of Massage
  • Narings Liv
  • Noren Institute
  • Nyingma Institute
  • Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center
  • Residency Program, Saybrook Graduate School
  • School of Broadcast Communication Arts, San Francisco State University
  • The New Business Academy, Dartington College
  • Thousand Island Institute
  • Western Alliance of Arts Administrators
  • Writers Connection

Media Expert (more than 15 years)

Small business management and business computing, featured in:

  • Business Ethics
  • California Magazine
  • Home Office Computing
  • Integral Yoga Magazine
  • Newsweek
  • PC World
  • San Francisco Bay Guardian
  • The Millennium Whole Earth Catalog
  • The Office (monthly software review column)
  • Truly Portable Computers
  • Yoga Journal

Also invited guest on nationally syndicated radio talk shows.

Non-fiction Writer (nearly 30 years)

Print Books

Running A One-Person Business, 2nd Revised Edition with Salli Raspberry. Foreword by Tom Peters. (60,000+ in print.)

Mindfulness and Meaningful Work: Explorations in Right LivelihoodForeword by Ernest Callenbach. 20,000+ in print.)

In the Company of Others: Making Community in the Modern World with Gail Terry Grimes. Foreword by Eric Utne. (10,000 in print).


Running a Good Business (The Smashwords Series), FutureU Press, 2011-2018.

  • Book 1: Why Good? Why Now
  • Book 2: Becoming a Learning Organization
  • Book 3: Becoming Values Focused
  • Book 4: Start-Up and Legal Matters
  • Supplement to Book 4: Self-Assessment for Tradeskill
  • Book 5: Setting Up Shop
  • Book 6: Choosing Technology
  • Book 7: Designing Your Space

Herding Cats Through the Gates to Cyberspace: The Process of Introducing Virtual Collaboration and Learning Technology as a Tool For Large-Group Interventions, with Gail Terry Grimes. (Smashwords Edition, FutureU Press, 2011).

  • The Bargain Hunter’s Guide to Building Your Course WebSite, with Gail Terry Grimes. (Smashwords Edition, FutureU Press, © 2011).
  • Make the Most of Learning Online: The Student’s Web Book, with Gail Terry Grimes. (FutureU Press, Second Edition © 2002).
  • Make the Most of Teaching Online: The Faculty Web Book, with Gail Terry Grimes. (FutureU Press, Second Edition © 2002).


“Focus On Software,” a monthly column for The Office.


Feature articles and book reviews for periodicals such as:

  • AHP Perspective (Association for Humanistic Psychology)
  • Journal of Management Consulting
  • Macintosh Business Review
  • Shambhala Sun
  • Tricycle: The Buddhist Review
  • Truly Portable Computers
  • Working Woman

Personal Interests and Hobbies:

  • Right livelihood and simple living
  • Human energy systems
  • Birding
  • Gardening, small-scale farming, permaculture
  • Hiking, camping
  • Programming and Metaprogramming the human biocomputer
  • Personal computing devices as sensory and intelligence augmentation
  • Autodidacticism and autotelisis (especially with human/machine interaction)
  • The Internet as The Great Equalizer