Pushing Ideas Out to Your Community

"If we are transparent enough, our ideas gain traction from the feedback and accountability provided by those around us." Scott Belsky, Making Ideas Happen, p. 147. Overcoming the Stigma of Self-Marketing Your ability to access the resources and opportunities in your community depends on others recognizing your qualifications, initiative, and interests. Effective self-marketing builds respect. "Marketing should not be seen as fake. At its best, marketing is building relationships—and learning." Sara Horowitz, Founder, Freelancers Unionas quoted in Making Ideas Happen.RESOURCE: The Freelancers Union. (Free) [https://www.freelancersunion.org/] Stay In Touch


Tips for Productive Meetings

Never hold a meeting when action will produce just as much or more. Conduct all meetings standing up (except of course, for those who are legitimately chair-bound). Let no meeting last longer than 15 minutes. Let no meeting be held without a preplanned agenda (including estimated times for each agenda item). Begin every agenda with a statement of purpose (aka the hoped-for outcome). Make sure all "purpose statements" are actionable. Everybody must participate. No spectators. No computers, phones, or other electronic digital devices may be present. Exceptions: These are allowed only if they serve a function to further the meeting.…

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