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22 Keys to a Meaningful Workplace

22 KEYS TO CREATING A MEANINGFUL WORKPLACE: Purpose, Direction, Relevance, Dialogue, Fit, Relationship-building, Respect, Invention, Personal, Acknowledgement, Challenge, Validation, Support, Development, Informality, Flexibility, Ownership, Equality, Oneness, Self-identity, Worth, Service By Tom Terez (Adams Media, 2000).Reviewed by Claude Whitmyer for the Association for Humanistic Psychology's newsletter AHP Perspective.What makes a space sacred? Is it the artifacts? The rituals performed there? Charismatic leaders? Followers with deep faith? Perhaps it can it be summed up as “meaning.” The…

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Internet Bookselling Made Easy (Book Review)

INTERNET BOOKSELLING MADE EASY!: How to Earn a Living Selling Used Books Online By Joe Waynick (Small Business Press, 2011).Reviewed by Claude Whitmyer, 2011. INTERNET BOOKSELLING - The Website At first glance, when visiting Joe Waynick's InternetBookselling.Com site it looks somewhat like all those "get rich quick on the Internet" scams that are so prevalent these days. Don't let that first impression put you off. Click on the links and you'll find out just how…

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