Charlie Varon’s Year in Review (5783/2023)

The other day, I was looking at Charlie Varon's website for some inspiration (he frequently inspires me) and I encountered his "The Year Year in Review: 5783." That's 5783 on the Hebrew calendar which just ended on September 15, 2023 of the modern calendar. He and his collaborators created an inspiring review of the 12 months from September 2022 to September 2023. It is worldly and thoughtful and includes both good things and bad. I found it quite inspiring. You can find it at: About CharlieSome of you have undoubtedly enjoyed performances by Charlie Varon. Charlie is an author,…

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Charlie Varon

People Don’t Buy Products or Services

That's right! People don't buy products or services. They buy a way to rid themselves of: a pain a problem a challenge Or they buy to fill: a desire a need. They want solutions. They also want Courtesy Friendliness Honesty If you give them these, they'll choose you every time over anyone who gives less. My old mentor Michael Phillips taught his apprentices that the whole transaction of the exchange of goods and services. should be the basic unit of observation. This is contrary to contemporary economic theory’s focus on the basic unit of observation as money (or its equivalent).…


Mindfulness & Right Livelihood

Meaningful Work Food for Thought "We rush too much with nervous hands and worried minds. We are impatient for results. What we need . . . is reinforcement of the soul by the invisible power waiting to be used." Henry Ford Henry Ford is the ultimate icon of the twins genius and demon. His was a fabulous commercial success and he had a high level of concern for the welfare of his employees. Yet his factories polluted, he conspired to dominate his suppliers and crush his competition, and his people were dumped on the street if they could not adjust…


Good Work and Your Work Portfolio

There are many ways to organize a work portfolio. Gleanings from planet Briarpatch have revealed a simple portfolio model based on the activities required to become and remain visible to your potential supporters and fans. A majority of these activities involve communications in support of increasing trust, building relationships, and delivering meaningful, value-rich products and/or experiences. A Simple Model of Seven Activities for Creating the Good Work Lifestyle Think About It Write About It Speak About It Teach About It Coach About It Consult About It Productize It These activities generally proceed in the order listed, though there may be…