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LISTS OF CLASSIC BOOKS ABOUT RIGHT LIVELIOOD With Brief Annotations I thought I'd share the book lists with brief annotations that I've created for people aspiring to Right Livelihood. The lists cover the six primary areas of focus when it comes to using mindfulness to find meaningful work. Mindfulness Compassion at Work and in Life Relationships, Family, and Community Working for Yourself and Others Active Health Practices Inspiring Stories Each book in these lists has passed the test of time and many foresee the troubles of today 10, 20, or 30 years ago. The problems have increased in seriousness, but…


Briarpatch, Hippie Entrepreneurs, and Open Books, Part 1

Not to long ago, I got a request from a member of the Briarpatch (the alternative business network I coordinate) to listen to a podcast her godson had created about hippies and the counterculture movement of the 1960s. The response I wrote to him follows: I'm a friend of Xxxxx's and coordinator of the "hippie" business network she has been a member of for many years. She invited me to listen to your podcast and I thought it was delightful and pretty damn accurate. As she pointed out, she was in the incubator of the East at the time which…


Briarpatch, Hippie Entrepreneurs, and Open Books, Part 2

  Of Historical Note In the Briarpatch's early years, our open books practice spread by word of mouth to counterculture businesses coast to coast. This set the stage for the launch of the "open-book management" movement popularized in the early 90s by Jack Stack and John Case in their books, respectively, • The Great Game of Business: Unlocking the Power and Profitability of Open-Book Management • Open-Book Management: The Coming Business Revolution. Stack chronicles the story of an International Harvester factory in Springfield, Missouri that headquarters was putting on the chopping block. The 130 or so managers and employees who…

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